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Summertime Stroll™

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Take a stroll through the countryside! Our earthy arrangement will bring you straight to the great outdoors with its relaxing palette and soothing scent!

Creams, whites, yellows, and greens are perfectly arranged in a bubble bowl filled with river rocks.

Product ID UFN0921

Approximately 10" W x 10" H

What People Are Saying

  September 16, 2020

Lovingly Logo Verified Purchase   |   Florist's Choice Daily Deal delivered to Clackamas, OR

Beautiful bouquet, prompt and caring delivery. I am so pleased to have this tie with Studio Flowers -- I live in the East and my son is in Clackamas. Thank you! Lucy

  September 04, 2020

Lovingly Logo Verified Purchase   |   Florist's Choice Daily Deal delivered to Clackamas, OR

Thank you so much for sending the 2nd bouquet on the correct date

  August 25, 2020

Lovingly Logo Verified Purchase   |   Florist's Choice Daily Deal delivered to Clackamas, OR

I did a Google search for a local florist near my mom and found Studio Flowers. Due to COVID availability issues, their website strongly suggested choosing “Florist’s Choice” and one of three price points (all of which included shipping), so I chose the lowest Florist’s Choice price point, filled out my eCard, and crossed my fingers it wouldn’t suck.My mom gushed over this arrangement more than any other I’ve ever sent her in the past—she was positively wowed! First, she was tickled to death to receive a text from the delivery driver that her surprise flower had been delivered to her porch. When she opened her front door, it greeted her atop her front porch railing—an unusual place for it, but understandable when it was a contactless delivery and the driver was likely was unable to park directly in front of her condo. The website had informed me that the delivery driver would deliver the arrangement, get a safe distance away, then contact the recipient. Even though it wasn’t a typical place to find a delivery (or maybe because of it), my mom said she absolutely loved the placement on her railing.She then sent me photos of the arrangement and interrogated me about how I found them, how unique the arrangement was that *I’d* picked out, and how delighted she was. She went on for a good ten minutes, really impressed by the interesting flower choices and their placement. I admitted that I had no idea what she would get, and had clicked the button with a hope and a prayer.The pictures my mom sent proved this florist was the perfect choice—and that the Florist’s Choice was an amazing value and well worth every single cent! If you’re unsure whether or not to roll the dice with this florist, I suggest going all in. You won’t be disappointed!They definitely will have a return customer with me—and probably a new customer with my mom!

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